Sree Sai Travels & Services is an accredited IATA Agent. We have been authorized by Indian Railways for online rail booking and also approved travel & tourism agent, Government of India for promoting inbound and outbound tour packages. Accordingly we provide exemplary service to the customers who approach us for various activities. Aiming this Sree Sai Travels was started functioning in the pivotal place of the city in Thrissur to cater the above needs to the best satisfaction of customers.
Sree Sai Tour

In order to impress more to our customers Sree Sai Travels & Services have, of late, strengthened the  tour department. Our experienced personnel in the department will pay due care to each customer during their visit to tourist centers. Moreover, it is our bounded duty to look after our customers during their trip. Tour customers will, no doubt, enjoy their trip when they visit such beautiful places.

In association with Beauty Art Dyers & Cleaners Sree Sai have commenced a new venture.
Here we offer facilities, such as, Dry cleaning (Blanker, Carpet, Curtains, Car Seat Cover etc.)
Ordinary Dress Washing & Ironing, Calendar Pressing,Steam Pressing, Dying, Darning etc

Inauguration ceremony of this venture was done on 10th October 2015 by the famous Play Back Singer Gayatri Asokhan by liting the lamb. This establishment are manning experienced professional who have similar establishments in Thrissur District. During inauguration ceremony we had offered 10% discount on all the above items.

Beauty Art Thrissur